Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello, Goodbye!


What you see above is the very first picture I took in Pico, dated March 6th of 2010. This was back during a time when I had no idea what to expect when signing up for this so-called "Americanized version of Ameba Pigg." It was also at a time when, after making an account, the only person I knew was chikemuri. Besides her, my buddy list was a barren wasteland. Sure, I got the occasional "OMG UR AVATAR IS HAWT CAN I PLZ ADD U" request, but those were denied quite quickly. As time went on, though, I began to make friends with some fantastic people. This eventually made me realize exactly how big of an impact little games like this can be on people's lives.

pico sexy

During the course of one year, I've met a variety of mixed personalities. Some of them may have been, well... questionable, as the above picture suggests, but that doesn't make me any less glad to have been in their presence. In fact, those types of quirky personalities are what attracted me to a little blog that went by the name PicoStyle.


Catero, Peggy and Gem. Something about reading their posts helped spark an interest in me. I always enjoyed the humorous and insightful views on their daily gaming adventures. As we all became close friends, and as the ranks in PicoStyle's staff slowly grew, I just knew I had to take the chance to offer my own skewed view of Pico right alongside with them.

After writing my first article, I found this sort of thing just felt natural to me. I know it was far from perfect, and I know I still had a lot to work on, but that is what pushed me to do better and go the extra mile in the posts that followed. As I said before, it's the little things like that which had a big impact on me. The other big impact, of course, was the friendships I've made!

Through the holidays and through the birthdays.

picostyle skeletons
Thanksgiving PicoStyle

And through all the, um...

pico purple
dance king
PC 2 - toilet
pico centipede
pico centipede 2

... I'm not sure, but I just wanted a reason to post these pictures.

All of this may seem a little dramatic, but with good reason. Although I've only been writing for 7 months out of PicoStyle's year-long run, I still feel as if this has been a rather large part of me. I assume all of our fans and my fellow writers would agree with that statement. At the same time, as much as I'd love for this blog to remain open, I also realize that things change, people grow and time keeps ticking. Yes, yes... I know that's deep and all, but it's true! So, as one chapter for us closes here for the time being, another will open and we will all move on with our lives. Before you put down the book, let me just say it's been a pleasure writing for the blog and I've enjoyed the friendships that have been created through it. I will continue to play on Pico as often as I have the chance, and for as long as it holds my interest. As I've expressed before, our fans have been some of the best around and I hope you choose to follow us in whatever internet journeys we choose to embark on after this. I'm humbled by the endless support and for all of my true, lasting friendships. Just remember that this isn't the end. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!

Now, go on. Grab a tissue and dry those tears. Me? No, no. I... I just got a piece of dust in my eye. That's all.