Friday, May 20, 2011

Petition to remove abusive player in Ameba Pico

As of Thursday, May 26 at 9:54PM EST, this nuisance player has been removed from the game. Read more »

Picostyle resurrects briefly to bring you an important public service announcement.

Those of you who hang out in Japanese Parks may have come across this 55+ aged gentleman who has a habit of flying off the handle at those who have the misfortune of sitting or standing "too close" to him.

This angry man changes his name very regularly and has recently made his name がばまんJAPAN 中森ヴァギナ.

Get too close to him, misstep or misspeak and he will call you an "ass", "idiot", "moron", "stupid foreigner" or something equally as insulting. He will swear at those who offend him, without considering that it may be a child on the opposite computer screen.

Peggy and Catero have witnessed this (and Peggy has experienced it first-hand). We have reported him many times, providing with detailed chat logs and photos of his abusive behavior. Still, nothing has happened. Ameba Pico support does nothing to protect you and your friends.

If you are a concerned parent or member of the Pico community*...

Bahasa · Español · Tagalog · عربي · ภาษาไทย · 中文 · 日本語 · 한국어

By signing you will be asking Ameba Pico to permanently remove him from the Pico community based on the grounds that he has repeatedly violated Ameba's own Terms of Service for Online Conduct, in which all Pico users have agreed not to:
5(b). Harass, threaten, abuse, disparage, libel, slander, embarrass, or engage in any other disruptive behavior involving another member or Company or affiliate’s employee or agent.
This man degrades the quality of the enjoyment of everyone's Pico experience.

For a company that claims to protect the online safety of its players - particularly children - Ameba Pico is doing a poor job with this case.

Hopefully, with your signed support we can give Ameba the push they need to do something.

Let's band together to raise awareness about and stop instances of bullying in Ameba Pico with the No Amebullies Facebook group.

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Need proof of his abuse?

Pico ID: がばまんJAPAN
Note: He changes his name very frequently. In the past few months he has changed his name to がばまんJAPAN, マソPの自慰スポット, 日曜激情JUN-潤 and 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ as well.

Where he can be seen: This gentleman can only be seen in public in the Japanese Parks area. He wears the same recognizable outfits with little variation: bald head, earmuffs, gold butterfly hair-clip (from the Casino) and a pink dress.

What he does: Unsuspecting players who sit or stand next to him are immediately met with a string of curses and insults. See a few of his outbursts (below) that have been reported to Ameba.

This angry man feels free and justified abuse and harass people of all ages in Pico. He:
  • circumvents the profanity filters in chat by using symbols like "@" and "/" to replace letters or split up words, thereby, "tricking" the filters.
  • has been known to use Buddy Requests to harass other players who stand or sit "too close" to him. He will flood the player's Requests tab - sending and cancelling many Buddy Requests over and over - to place insults in the request message like "moron".
On April 24, 2011, one player who was the victim of his Buddy Requests harassment, told us she got tired of him and added him as a buddy to avoid the flood of requests. He sent her a private message right away (her name has been changed to protect her anonymity):
日曜激情JUN-潤- (21:44)
F@ck OFF

日曜激情JUN-潤- (21:44)

日曜激情JUN-潤- (21:44)

Pico Girl 1 (21:44)

日曜激情JUN-潤- (21:45)
go to hell

Pico Girl 1 (21:45)
anything else?

Pico Girl 1 (21:45)
i guess not.

Pico Girl 1 (21:47)
so much anger
Pico Girl 1 reported this incident with the screen photo to Ameba Pico support.

1. This bully's entire thought processes focus on the negative and hurtful. His Pigg blog is filled with the negativity of his sad little life. He ridicules non-Japanese (with focus on Indonesians), people who beg for props and rings, and those who he deems to be moronic - even those who are being apologetic to him.

2. This bully is older. He should know better. In his profile he claims to be 55+.

3. This bully's behaviour does not change. He's abusive on a continuous basis. In our estimated guess he attacks person at least 3 times a week.

If you've spent time in Japanese Parks, you've seen him jump down someone's throat with his insults and curses.
He use to bully so many people! he is terrible. - Mii Sa

I've seen this pico harass other players, too. Once, I saw him call his poor girl "trash" and followed her when she walked away just to insult her more. :( - Anonymous

Cyberbullying in Japanese Park on a daily/weekly basis. Jokes about suicide. Talks filthy, disgusting trash in Japanese. - Anonymous

I once have experienced this. He called me a moron. - Akane

Yeah, he REALLY needs to get a life and stop cyberbullying. Its against the law. I have actually reported him twice, nothing happened. I'm happy you made this petition. Thank you. - Jo Beth

This user is a menace. It is time for him to be removed from the population he disrespects so much. - Anonymous

It's necessary to protect your users from such discrimination. - Anonymous
Here are a few snippets of his behaviour (names have been changed to protect the anonymity of his "victims"; non-relevant chat has been removed from the conversation).

April 24, 2011:
[A member of No Amebullies was enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Japanese Park, when all was disrupted by an outburst from the bully, who was then calling himself マソPの自慰スポット . A girl sat beside him and he worked himself up into an aggressive tantrum.]

(00:55) Pico Girl 2: hi
(00:55) マソPの自慰スポット: dont sit next to me without asking
(00:56) Pico Girl 2: why
(00:56) マソPの自慰スポット: rude ass
(00:56) Pico Girl 2: are you the owner
(00:56) Pico Girl 2: of this park
(00:56) Pico Girl 2: girly
(00:56) マソPの自慰スポット: a foreigner was so rude ass hole
(00:56) マソPの自慰スポット: not that close
(00:56) マソPの自慰スポット: rude ass foreigner

April 27, 2011:
[A member of No Amebullies entered Japan Park 1 and found the bully, who was then calling himself 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ, using horrible language towards a girl with green hair who was just standing near him. She said nothing.]
--- You have moved to Japanese Park 1
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: rude moron
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: shoooo shoooo
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: eat my sh/it
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: green moron
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: or f@ck me
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: しかとw
(18:49) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: ヴぉけが
(18:50) 喪黒ヌク造@笑ゥせぇくすマソ: JP入ってくるな

May 19, 2011:
[A member of No Amebullies witnessed がばまんJAPAN lash out at a young girl who sat between him and his lady friend (Pico ID: マダム). Because she is young and English is not her native language, the young girl was very vulnerable to his bullying.]
(02:09) がばまんJAPAN: hey rude moron
(02:09) Pico Girl 3: hye
(02:09) がばまんJAPAN: dont sit between us
(02:10) がばまんJAPAN: without asking
(02:10) がばまんJAPAN: you are very rude
(02:10) がばまんJAPAN: f@ck off
(02:10) がばまんJAPAN: DONT SIT
(02:10) No Amebullies member: you're rude
(02:10) No Amebullies member: leave the girl alone
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: thanx
(02:11) がばまんJAPAN: she cut in us first
(02:11) No Amebullies member: you give japanese people a bad name
(02:11) がばまんJAPAN: <<
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: i dont no
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: im so sorry
(02:11) がばまんJAPAN: OKAY
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: ok..
(02:11) がばまんJAPAN: you are not bad
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: sorry
(02:11) No Amebullies member: who do you think you are to talk to people like that?
(02:11) がばまんJAPAN: i forgive you
(02:11) Pico Girl 3: hmm

All of these incidents have been directly reported to; oftentimes, the abuse reports have included photos.

He can't be reformed - we've tried to respectfully reason with him directly. It was wasted time and energy. The behaviour continues.

Ameba Pico continues to ignore the problem.

Let's take action! Sign the petition (Bahasa · Español · Tagalog · عربي · ภาษาไทย · 中文 · 日本語 · 한국어) and join the No Amebullies Facebook group today ... and tell your friends about it.

Thank you.

* The online petition will publicly display your electronic signature. You will have the ability to record your name publicly as "anonymous".