Sunday, March 20, 2011

Profiles #32

This is a momentous day for Profiles. Yes, it's the last one you're going to see here on Picostyle.

Profiles has always been a forum for us to poke fun at the quirky, cute and sometimes offensive things that people place in their profile space for all of the Pico world to see. We've loved every moment of it! Your eccentricities have fuelled our creative fires, allowing us to bring you week after week of sarcastic thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who read, laughed and sent in profiles from around Pico (FYI, to those who sent in their own profiles expecting to see them posted: no, we don't roll like that). Picos who sent in profiles and captions include サミ☆, ☮♥Sammi♥☮, ~*Peachie*~, Allieeee, Bow-, butthead ☆, Cristina♫Apple, Dorphi, Єlena Gilbert, ♥Ericaxx, GracieGracie, Мαгϊε Jапз εїз, Meskhene, pineepineapple, ѕαмαηтнα ♡ and Zonna.

Going out, we had to stick with our people, the weirdos. The oddballs who spice up our lives. In small doses, of course. Over exposure to their personalities can cause unpleasant headaches.

It's been a blast, ya'll!

(You'll see that we've provided the URLs to some of the images. Click 'em and check out the sites.)

Madame Butterfly, your mood doesn't match with your bright, cheery outfit. Nevertheless, Peggy seems to feel your pain. Not me so much.

Peggy's message to you is: know that life does not get any easier either.

My message to you is: it's the 21st century. You're supposed to be Miss Independent. Buy yourself a puppy for companionship and forget about that guy or girl who has toyed with your emotions.

Spanish to English translation: "I'm cool and I do not like rude people"

Bella, at first we thought that you didn't like people with bad educations ("educadas" threw us off until we consulted Google Translate). It's cool we get, we watch Reading Rainbow too ... but then I actually realised that you don't like rude people, still cool. But why don't you like to speak English? We find this to be no bueno.

I guess now you will consider us to be rude English speakers, which puts two strikes against us. It's okay. We can live with it. We walk on the wild side and live la vida loca.

Oolon, how exactly do you "beat rude ppl on pico"? There is no actual physical contact, just words when you are interacting online

Peggy is very curious to know which kung fu action(s) you use and what is the most efficient way to combat rudeness?

She asks, "Is there like a secret action combination sequence? I am glad you want to take on this great fight but sometimes it's better to just say, 'Hey stop being a butt head, you're rude!'"

Remember, Oolon, there are always consequences to your actions. Take a lesson from Casey Haynes's book. Casey is the Aussie kid who laid the smack down on his bully last week and got suspended from school.

Let this be a lesson to you. Use your words to stop conflict.

Whoa! Serious case of rage-a-holism on the loose! She looks so cute that you want to pinch her cheeks ... but watch out, sister, she'll cut you like a summer ham!

Just remember, it's better to remain zen about life's troubles. Don't be impulsive and act out your anger, let it pass because it's totally not worth it. At the end of the day, you know you're way cooler than this person.

When your panties are getting bunched over something that someone has said or done, remember this Taoist saying: "Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die".

We're guessing that the "wrong person" you're referring to is you. So, what's the deal? What did she do to wrong you?

Wait. Never mind. We looked at her blog. We find her whole color scheme and the neon highlighting to be agitating.

Where's she at?! She's goin' doooooown!

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