Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time To Holiday.

I know my darlings, let's go break some hearts.

Where's my baguette?!

They can't resist the charms of Peggy Hill.

But my first love will always be FASHION!

Okay, maybe it's actually food...


It's been fun kiddies but I am going to take this show on the road. It's time for Peggy Hill to go on a much needed holiday. If you catch me on the Pico streets livin' it up, please don't call the Pico Paparazzi. I'm just there to mingle with the locals, flirt with all the cute boys and eat... a lot. Much love to all my fans and of course to my Picostyle team mates. Picostyle is what is because of all of you and by you I mean everyone, including the fans. Catero, you know I'll be around to scream Britney Spears' lyrics at you while doing the Volcano dance. I don't like goodbyes so let's just say, until next time.

Peggy Hill

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