Friday, March 11, 2011

We Want To See Japan's Cherry Blossoms Bloom Soon!

Hey everyone! This is Ora.

I have made up an idea to show solidarity to Japan, and that we are standing by you in such tough times. And so, the idea is that you change your Gmail theme to 'Cherry Blossom'. If you don't have a Gmail, or if you just want to send in pictures or drawings,or messages showing your support and we will post them (include your Pico ID).

We support Japan!
Wareware wa Nippon o sapōto!

Gmail Theme; image courtesy

Send your 'Support Japan' entries to:

We want to see Japan's Cherry Blossoms bloom!


  1. My entry (from my new art blog):

    The painting is in that post <3
    I want these natural disasters to finally end.