Friday, March 18, 2011

Falling slowly in Jokamachi

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Hi there, Picos!

I have to tell you all about a little GLITCH!

While you are doing your Ninja Quest in the Jokamachi  room Sasuke first asks you to do the roof challenge to get the flag. Well, here is the part where the GLITCH happens!
FIRST: Try to step on a broken tile.

SECOND: While you are falling make sure you do not reach the ground!

THIRD: Press TAB on your computer keyboard.
Look at my pic! I'm doing it!

Photo Credits: Photo 1: Sasuke image © CyberAgent America Inc. • Photo 2: Photographer - LunaLocket x3


  1. Have you noticed inside the room, where you train with the scarf
    There is a sign to the right with an arrow pointing up... does anyone know what that is for? :O

  2. @Samispoon
    Its so that you know the Ninja thats suppose to train you in that room is there. When he appears hes sometimes upside down. So if you don't find him the arrow points to where he is.