Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know, that title might not be enough.

But, this is my goodbye post. I just wanted to tell you guys, that you have been an amazing audience. While we were putting on a play with comedy, laughter, tears, hangovers, and being drunk-- you guys were with us, laughing and watching our shows. I just wanted to say, that it has been an honour writing for Picostyle, and it was an honour having you guys reading my posts. Of course, I can say that all of us tried really hard to please all of you-- And I think that we have done an amazing job.

I know all of you guys are upset about Picostyle closing. But just like a good show has a good run, and good website has a good run too.

We know we're closing the curtains much too soon, but all of you know that we love you... and we're always thinking of those good times.

I just wanted you to know, that you can always find me.

Of course on Pico.

Here's my Tumblr (It's not Pico related, lol): http://oraboraworld.tumblr.com/
Here's my art blog: http://oraart.blogspot.com/

I know the curtain's closing ...

... but I still love you guys!

I know this might be a bit cheesy, but I thought that maybe we can have a "song". Whenever you hear it, think about our good ol' times :*

Love you guys!! 

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