Monday, April 26, 2010

Pet Lovers.

Peggy here, do you guys like my new 'do? I feel like Jenny from the block! Just hanging out with George who btw... is going through the terrible two's.

He's getting into everything! But I do really love my lil butterball!

Things to Know About Owning a Pet:

If you have a pet already, you know that if you click on your pet it pulls up it's profile quite similar to your own. On it, it lists four things: Personality, Gender, Mood and Relation. The more you interact with your pet the higher your Relation number. I am pretty sure your number updates daily.

There are also two buttons that enable you to pet or lift your pet. Only the owner can lift their pets. Strangers can only pet your animal. If you want to pet someone's pet the key is to get really close and then click the pet button.

Owners can also call their pet over to them. It's case sensitive, for example, I've named my pup George, if I type "george" he will not come to me because I did not type the G as an uppercase.

George eats A LOT! Catero says the same about his Verona. It seems the more you log the more often you have to feed your pet. Our pups eat 2-3 times a day.

You can have your pet follow you around at all times or if you prefer, you can leave them at home. I've noticed that your pet aren't allowed in certain areas like in NYC Downtown or at the Pet Farms. Even though you can own up to three pets you're only allowed to bring one pet with you at a time.

If a pet is not adopted, it wanders the yard for 20 minutes, then disappears and is replaced by another.

There are rare colored dogs, cats and pandas... pink and purple dogs and cats and a rare tannish brown panda. These ones are harder to find..

PANDAS are extremely hard to buy! My friend Saiya spent many hours filling out surveys to receive enough Ameba gold coins to buy a pet. Saiya had her heart set on buying a panda and after losing much sleep to get just the right amount of coins for one it took her a full day of camping out at the Pet Farm to finally attain the elusive creature. Congrats Saiya!!!

Saiya w/ mizuki

I love having George. There's something about having your little pup sleeping in your lap that just makes you smile.

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