Monday, April 19, 2010

Match Card Genius Trains To Become Mastermind.

I always thought I was pretty good at match cards and memory games but today I was proven to be just another rookie. Meet -Nayana- she beat me in under two minutes... I wish I was kidding! After being beaten so fast my bruised ego just had to know who in the world had such mad memory skills. I checked her profile which made me laugh so hard I had to have a chat with her. At which point I learned I was beaten not only in under two minutes but also by a 14 year old! WTF.

Nayana. Nayana.

But you can't really stay mad at -Nayana- she's too charming. She's fast as a whip and her latest goal after figuring out that she could indeed build that second floor she's always dreamed of is to become a mastermind at match cards.

Her Goal: Win 300 matches and lose less then 100 at which point she states, "I'll be a happy camper."

If you aren't convinced that this kiddo is just THAT good you can find her at the match card tables weekdays around 5PM EST where I promise you, she'll whoop you so hard you'll won't want to play match cards for at least a week! Just kidding!

It was pretty cool to meet a Southern Belle. I'd like to think every girl I meet from the South is a Southern Belle. I got to ask one of those burning questions I just had to know. Are guys from the South all they're crack up to be? Are they really charming and true gentlemen??

-Nayana- (22:33)
I live on the beach side, so there aren't many rednecks down here. In my opinion, Southern Charm is just a sterotype because when I think of southern people I think of alcohol! Not a good thing. But the guys that live i nmy area are very charming. And cute. :)

Okay, so apparently -Nayana- is not a Southern Belle. She lives beach side so don't start calling her one she might murder me for misrepresentation.


  1. I just met Nayana in Park Pond 1. She's very nice. :-)