Saturday, April 24, 2010

I think I love you.

Ameba, I think I love you and Cat... I KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!

Look what Catero got me:

When I logged onto Pico today I nearly peed my pants! Someone had put Ameba gold coins into my account and I knew there could only be one person sneaky enough to do that. Catero knew I've been dying to get a doggy ever since I've seen them in Pigg. I couldn't get coins so of course he came to the rescue! I spent about 30 minutes picking out a doggy and finally picked a brown one. Meet George! He's affable and mysterious LOL. Thank you so much Cat! Me love you long time!

Pico. Pico. Pico.

In other news... Ameba has just released a HUGE mess of clothing for guys and gals at the Newbie Area. You can buy everything with gummies and I'm happy to report that it's all cute goodies that have been previously released in Pigg! Just look at all this STUFF!!! I'm officially broke but that's okay cause I'm doing it stylin'!

Pico. Pico. Pico. Pico. Pico.

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