Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Be Clubbin'

Helpful Piggies!
For some reason Peggy has befriended people who are the most friendly and helpful members of the Pigg community. I don't know how she finds them. It must be her magnetic personality.

In the photo above from left-to-right you see me Katsuki, Lied, Peggy, Ellie, and 10$ (Peggy tried to haggle to buy 10$ for only 5$ but all he did was laugh ... next time, Peggy). All of them were so helpful in assisting Peggy and I solve a mystery that we had been working on for a week (arigatou!): how to create a club.

Pigg: create a clubPigg allows users to make interest/hobby clubs. Clubs come with a message board and a club room (which can be public or private). Since neither Peggy nor I can read Japanese, finding out how to create one has been a challenge.

A streak of luck (sometimes, it pays to click without reservations) led me to the tabs in the Travel menu where I found the screen for creating a club!

I clicked on the hungry little panda (that's what he is, right?) to create my club settings in 3 easy steps (click for photo):

1. Choose your club name and add a description and visibility setting (public or private)
Pigg: Name your club

2. Select a room layout (1 of 4 options)
Pigg: Club room layouts

3. Customize your club logo with ...

A. An icon
Pigg: Club logos (42 total)

B. A crest shape and color
Pigg: Club crest shapes

C. A banner shape and color
Pigg: Club banners

Now that we have set up our club, please join us! In your clubs tab search for Pigglish.

Things to know about clubs:
  • cost 50 Gummies to create
  • you can join 10 clubs maximum
  • can have a maximum of 100 members
  • rooms hold 20 people at a time
  • creators (managers) can appoint a deputy director
For more info, see Pigg's clubs FAQ page (translated with Google)

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