Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pico Cribs #5

It's time for another installment of Pico Cribs with a special report on Peggy's FABULOUS Pads!!!
Peggy's Room (Pigg)
First up... my humble room in Pigg. Where it's pretty much luck of the draw (scratch card! love me long time!) My pink palace is decorated with goods won from daily scratchings and whatever I received with this default room choice. I've painfully organized it in what I hope to be a pretty layout.

Peggy's Room (Pico)
Here's my room in Pico, always under construction... this room changes at least once a week. I LOVE playing with my blocks! Pico Peggy is always poor cause I'm constantly buying up new items for my room. Ameba! I want a fridge and rice cooker for my room in Pico. -wink wink, nudge nudge-

Mortie's Room.
My male alter ego's room. Poor Mortie... He went for weeks without any furniture and when I finally decided it was time to decorate... I did it drunk. After totally wasting two tokens on wallpaper and windows I didn't like. I ended up purchasing the right windows only to continue my drunken shopping on white blocks for an ingenious structural build that er... didn't work out. I HAVE NO IDEA how I came up with this ceiling design. It was sheer determination to use the white blocks I spent over 3000 gummies on... whatever the case I dig... it stays! If Ameba ever gets plush animals for Pico they will go up there.

Mortie should be thankful his room doesn't look like this:
Click here to see the whole room!

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