Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reasons to visit the Newbie Area.

Newbie Area.
I am so squeeing over the unexpected releases at the Newbie Area in Pico. My friend Zin Kaozin aka Asian James Dean told me he was saving up to buy a sofa which is totally odd cause this boy plays gacha til he's broke... so I had to see this sofa worth saving up for. That's how I was filled in on this huge furniture release! Right now you can visit the Newbie Area (shown above) and Flea Market to shop for new furniture. Ameba, you're doin' me proud with all these updates! I have a feeling that Pico might just be catching up with Pigg's coolness factor hopefully surpassing it ;x

Also... did you know that things sold at the Newbie Area are sometimes discounted?

For example: The colorful border cushions sell for 800 gummies if you just buy it using the "Shop" icon at the bottom right corner of your Pico screen. You can get the same cushion for 600 gummies at the Newbie Area! It pays to check the Newbie Area every once in awhile to see what new stuff they put out for purchase. I took Mortie there and bought a few things to make his room even prettier ;x

Mortie's Room

Catero. Catero.
Catero's Room

Speaking of room decor... Catero finally got around to doing up his room and the bastard got a doggy. I am so jealous! For now I'll just have to be that creepy chick who stalks your pet at the Brag About your Pet Area. Afterwards, making my way to JUON's The Haunted Room. I wished she wasn't AFK every time I stopped by cause it's always comical to see her somehow work herself in to her room decor, which is ever-changing.

Pico Cribs. Pico Cribs.
JUON's Room

...and last, I'm squeezing in a Pico Cribs' update cause it fits with this entry. I've been visiting choco-mint's room daily and finally captured what I think is a rainbow colored airbus! choco-mint's room theme? Gotta be LOCOMOTION!

Pico Cribs.
choco-mint's Room

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