Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even Purple & Pink Pups Need Love.

Pups. Zeus.
Verona, George & Zeus. (pictured above)

(13:50) GuFi: one of your dogs need to get laid
(13:50) GuFi: it's turned purple..

Comments like these should not deter you from buying one of these rare colored pups! I, Peggy, want to make sure that you know that even pink and purple pups need love! Since I cannot become a dog lady due to Ameba's three pet maximum rule.. I encourage you to snatch these guys up before I start off on a crusade for equal love for strange colored dogs :X

Anywho, meet Zeus!

I didn't intend on buying another dog so soon but I couldn't help myself. This lil purple dude just was running around the Pet Farm and no one wanted him! I kept hearing people coo over the black pup even though he was a narcissist yet no love for this social puppy! I finally gave in and snatched him up. He's a keeper! The only set back I'm having now is that I'm suffering from multiple pet owner stress... LOL!

I don't really understand why we can only bring with us one pet at a time. I feel all guilty leaving either George or Zeus at home when going out to hang with friends or when I make my usual rounds for props and rings. Which leads to my next dilemma... do I buy a third pet?! OH-MAI-GAH!!

PS: My Pico-Stylers compadres better start blogging soon so it doesn't look like it's the Peggy Hour 24/7 on here! You know who you are -coughs-

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