Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pets in Pigg and Pico!

Today, pets have been released in Pico! Visitors to Pigg will have enjoyed them for quite some time. Pets follow you almost everywhere, let you scratch their bellies and are adorable additions to your Pigg accessories.

pets! petting Thus far, in Pigg users have the option of buying 4 types of pets: cats, dogs (Boston Terrier and (nondescript) puppy), tortoises, and the ultra rare panda bears. At this point, only cats and the (nondescript) puppy have been released in Pico.

These furry friends come in a variety of colors - not only natural/neutral tones, but bright pink, yellow and blue as well. There's a pet out there that is your favorite color.

Pet profiles (English and Japanese) When raising pets ... (English and Japanese)

The best part about Ameba's pets are:
  1. you don't have to pick up any poop for dogs or clean litter boxes for cats
  2. there are no unsavory "pet smells"
  3. they won't chew your slippers or scratch your furniture
  4. when the novelty of pet ownership wears off you can send them back to the farm for someone else to enjoy with a simple button-click.
  5. you can never be a cat lady, as there is a limit of 3 pets per owner
  6. you won't be embarrassed by your pets bad behavior (no need for the Dog Whisperer, since pets are pretty mellow
Where to buy pets:

Pets (Travel menu)In Pico, your pet adoption farm is at the New Zealand travel destination.

For those Pigg users who are like Peggy and can not speak or read Japanese, the pet shop can be found by clicking your Travel button to open your destinations menu, clicking the large red button to the far left and then selecting the button with the red outline (shown to the right; click image to enlarge).

How to buy pets:

Adopting a pet requires an investment of purchased currency in Pico (400 Ameba Gold) and Pigg (780 Ame/アメG). You can not adopt a pet with a token.

Just visit the Pet Farm (pets available will differ from farm to farm and time to time) and click on the furry friend of your choice and select adopt if their gender and personality is appealing to you.

When Peggy wakes up to discover that some pets are finally available in Pico I think she is going to pee her pants

Pet Adoption Farm (Travel destination)



  2. Exists the "Yellow Dog" ?

    1. Anonymous, yellow dogs exist in Pico. You just have to be patient and keep checking in the New Zealand room. Pets appear and disappear randomly every 10 minutes.

  3. How to teach them tricks?!?!

    1. @Anonymous, Ameba Pico does not exists anymore. If you want to teach a virtual pet tricks you can join Ameba Pigg. It's all in Japanese. To teach a pet tricks you must take care of it - feed it and be affectionate with it. This will cause your pet to gain levels, and new levels unlock new "tricks" you can get your pet to do from its in-game profile.