Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Street Fashion!

The image above is just one of the many reasons why I think Pico is totally adorable! Anywho, they've just released Street Fashion for Pico and the must have item of the moment.. BORDER LEGGINGS!

Pico. Pico.

I am pretty happy that these border leggings have made it to Pico. They were one of the few things I picked up in Pigg. And BONUS! You don't have to buy them with your tokens! That is definitely one of the pros in Pico... there are so many things you can buy using gummies. The border leggings come in four different colors (I'm wearing the black ones) and cost 800 gummies. I also picked up the Button-down Checkered Vest in red, I was really disappointed because you can't really layer any cute tops besides a long sleeve shirt under :(

Click on the shop icon at the bottom of your Pico screen to view the new Street Fashion.

In other news... -Nayana- is now a Mastermind at match cards. When asked how she feels about her new title she respond, "I feel pretty boss." LOL! I love you girl.

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