Sunday, April 18, 2010

Classroom Antics

Hey guys! Per Xephy's request I'm reporting to you live from a classroom in Pigg. Just as I've suspected, no one's paying attention to our lovely teacher... instead it's a huge flirting playground. Where you've got the usual players. Emo boy band wannabes, their adoring fan girls, the fashionistas, a girl who showed up to class in her PJ's (quite stylin' I might add) and of course a classroom would not be complete without the heartthrob which in our case is a prince not so much incognito.

Did I mention we have a snowman princess in our class? Yeah, we're the fun crazy class.

Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg.

Must Have:

Headphones. Please... as if these kids would ever show up anywhere without their tunes! The fan girls would be the first ones to lead their classrooms in protest.

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