Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting cozy in the pharaoh's chamber

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - room view

Have you found the pharaoh's chamber? In our teaser post about Egypt we intentionally left out the treasures of the tomb, hoping that curiosity would drive you through the long hallways when the new time travel destination opened.

Why bother? Well ...
  • Finding the pharaoh's tomb will get you a Bonus Chance (the star book) star and 100 Gummies.
  • Solving the pharaoh's key (a 3x3 slide puzzle) will get you a Bonus Chance (the star book) star and 150 Gummies ... and open up a shop of his secret goodies.
Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - travel iconFor our eager explorers: to find the chamber, go to Egyptian shrine in your time travel destinations (shown right; icon outlined in red with a + sign).

Once you've appeared outside the pyramid, pass the guards (they're harmless) and click the tomb's door to enter.

Navigate the tomb's hallways
You'll be faced with a long hallway. Do yo go straight at the end of the hall or turn right? Doesn't matter. Eventually - regardless of which direction you turn - you'll end up in the pharaoh's chamber. You can't wander forever.

Now, walk up the hallway, click the arrow that points in the direction you want to go and keep going!

All of a sudden, without any warning, *boom* you'll end up inside the burial chamber ... face-to-face with a large sarcophagus in the middle of the ornately decorated room.

Meet the animated coffin
Have a seat ... and wait. You'll see a little talk bubble appear with a suspenseful "..." over the sarcophagus from time to time. You may have to wait a few minutes or maybe just a couple of seconds before you see the lid of the sarcophagus push back as the anthropoid-shaped coffin rises from within like something from a bad horror film.

Outwit the pharaoh
Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - royal secret keyQuick! Click on the coffin before it descends back into the sarcophagus for a chance to unlock the pharaoh's key - a 3x3 slide puzzle which will open up a "secret treasures" shop when solved.

The puzzle is timed. You have 180 seconds to shift the pieces before the game times out, you lose all progress and are forced to start all over ... if you dare.

Since the pharaoh's key puzzle is random each time, I can't tell you eactly how to win; I can only give you strategy by pointing you to a tutorial on ho to solve any kind of slide puzzle.

Score the goodies
When you solve the puzzle you'll be presented with  the option to buy a selection of household furnishings and fashionable items to add to your image of ancient dynastic grandeur. Put the 250 Gummies you just earned to good use.

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - shop

Now, all you need to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - treasure boogie


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