Saturday, June 19, 2010

Confessions of a Gacha Addict

Since the beginning of my time in the land of Pico I've been a regular Gacha player.
The alluring magic of Gacha stems from the mystery of "What am I going to get this time?"
Of course not everything that comes from that capsule is going to shine like gold.

(All the items I won from Gacha, piled in a corner.. as I weep with no where to put them)

By the 3rd time you've spun Gacha's arm, you've probably received some balloons, or a single hamburger. You know should probably have stopped.. but it's the thought of "Token!" that might grab at you.
(Limitless layers of clothing won from Gacha!)

Or maybe it's the fact that you've received some expensive items that kept you going, Like that second TV stand, or that third Glitter Princess Gown that you don't have many occasions to wear out to.

But let me tell you a little secret about Gacha. While studying deep within the Pico's ancient libraries we discover that the word "Gacha" is actually the Latin term for "Got Ya" as in "I got ya, sucker!"

Now. I'm not saying you won't get amazing prizes. I've won my fair amount of tokens. But having an abundance of Polka-dot coloured short-shorts isn't quite as liberating as I thought it would be. In short, just be careful to how much you spend and how many times you spin.

You can find different Gacha in different areas, like;

Beginners Plaza
This Gacha gives out items that you can buy in Beginner's Plaza.

Caribbean Seaport
A number of seaside related gifts can be won through Pirate Gacha. Barrel seats, luggage, and if you're lucky.. that Captain's hat you've always wanted.

Nakamise St
Hey remember that place? Not too long ago this little shop town was swarming with tourists and alive in the mass of mad street style Pico kids. Where have they all gone? Maybe Japanese Gacha will bring back some allure. Remember all those items you wanted from the Japanese mystery boxes? They can all be won through Gacha! Don't believe me? Just ask Peggy.

Fourth and finally we have one more Gacha to account for. This Gacha is premium, and not just that.. it severely lacks that same personality was other Gacha machines. This soulless beast is what we refer to as "The Devil's Gacha". With the small deposit of 50 AMEBA GOLD each spin, you can play. Now I've only had a LITTLE luck after spending a total of 200AG, but there's still the chance of winning that luxurious silk Vampire's cape, or the bad purse or bat wings.

Gacha is good for a little excitement, and for winding down from that last 400gummies you might want to gamble.. Just remember at the end of he day.. Gacha Gotcha.


  1. Wasn't that the worst when you'd get that one hamburger from Gacha. Total rip-off. Those were the dark days.

    It's much better now. :-)

  2. errr you 50ag gacha lol im much that i spent 800ag lol but finally got bat wings..&4capes lol

  3. @ ai

    OMG. 800AG?! 4 capes? You're so brave to continue playing! I bow down to you... -bows-

    I quit at 250AG cause I'm wimpy.

  4. ah, I was saying it was a mere 50ag per spin. i spent 200ag but i had no big win items.