Sunday, June 20, 2010

Profiles #6

Another batch of Pico's finest for you to silently judge ... just as we do!

(1) We love how detail-oriented you are, Maya. She's just too cute!

If you look up her profile today it says:
  1. hi
  2. i like u to props/ring me plz
  3. add me plz!!!
Though this is a quality that makes you go "awww" now, it will make her husband's forehead vein throb in years to come.

Profiles #6

(2) As if we all hadn't had enough of the antics of Mr. Bean in his 5-year run on TV, his misshapen face and child-like spirit lives on in Pico.

Though some prefer to walk around Pico looking like and named after notorious dictators, world leaders and beautiful celebrities, this player prefers to be a slow-witted bufoon.

Takes all kinds, folks.

—Profile snapshot submitted by Allieeee

(3) A true shy guy would never write this in his profile. He'd be too paralyzed by his introverted nature.

However, a true womanizer pretending to be sensitive to attract the ladies - on the other hand - would. Typical wolf-in-sheep's-clothing ploy.

And for this, we salute you, Nao. Because the girls who fall for this won't know any better.

(4) Just in case you're in the same situation, look her up.

Then get a room.

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