Monday, June 21, 2010

Profiles #7

What happens when you drink too much and use the internet? Well, Perez Hilton ... but also Profiles #7.

For those who think that we've gone to far and are compelled to send us hate mail, we only ask that you leave Gem Rock off of your recipient list. She may be Picostyle's newest contributor, but she had nothing to do with Profiles #7, aside from humoring us as we wrote it.

(1) Whoa. Hold up, Mr. Prop, did you know that most ladies dig a man who is environmentally friendly? A man who cares about mother nature is more likely to clean up after himself and make his woman happy than a guy who leaves beer cans lying around.

The outfit you're wearing, however, is kinda "gay". Don't worry about your tree hugging habits; be more concerned about your flaming wardrobe. PUT THE FAN AWAY! It's overkill. We get it. You love plants.

Eternally yours,
Peggy Hill
Profiles #7

(2) Sometimes, bearako, hopes and dreams and wishes do come true.

(3) We like you, but we feel you should know that if you don't suck it, you're not really a vampire. That's just the way it is. Vamps who don't suck blood are just vampire groupies.

The fact that this vampire clan allowed a non-blood sucker to join further shows that "vampires" in Pico are a total sham.

Remember, Bunnicula, the first "veggie vamp", wasn't truly a rabbit vampire; just a celery staulker.

(4) Okay, you're totally delightful and your poor spelling/bad English is actually quite cute. "Japanice" - it's like being Japanese but nicer, we're guessing.

But what on God's green earth is a princess analist? Do we dare guess.

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If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

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