Monday, June 21, 2010

Pico Cribs #10

Pico Cribs.

Hey guys! I know, I've been seriously lagging and most definitely being lazy but don't fret I'm back with of course the finest in Pico room decor and interior design! While I cuddle this panda in what I can only imagine to be a panda shaped airplane... let me share with you two more colorfully kawaii room designs! Pico Cribs here we go!

miya's room (composite)miya's room!

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Pico Cribs. Pico Cribs.

Gem Rock is in love with miya's room, she went as far as to say that it is her favorite room in Pico. I had a look and indeed... miya's room is Pico Cribs-worthy. It's got a one person duck boat!! What more can a girl ask for? How about a two-seater bird plane?! I'm not sure what's the deal but animal shaped air crafts seems to be all the rage.

miya's room (composite)RIE's room!

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Pico Cribs.

But if you're not a fan of the whimsical design that miya's room has to offer check out RIE's room. That's RIE with a backwards "R" (I'm not sure how to type a backwards R, RIE! Teach me!). Her room is colorful enough to keep me happy and has a kitchen, park and first floor entertaining area. Plenty of space to host a party, romantic enough to take your date and a lovely room to take your pet for some peace and quiet. Now if only there was a bedroom I'd move in with you.

Check out these two rooms when you have a chance! They're just too cute! Until then... Gemmy and I would like to wish you happy travels and mucho besos!


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