Friday, June 18, 2010

Premium Lolita Gacha at Downtown NYC.

Gacha. Gacha.

Have you guys visited Downtown NYC lately? Well if you're feeling lucky and got Ameba Gold to spare you can play Premium Gothic Lolita Gacha for one week only! I was kind of skeptical about spending 50AG per go but after winning the dress on my first try I felt a bit ballsy and spent another 100 :X These items are really nice! If you think about about it, 50AG isn't bad for a cute Lolita item... seeing that most things cost more than 50AG at Vivienne's Shop. I spent a total of 250AG and out of five tries I only got one double item which isn't bad considering my streak with gacha. My friend Froofybutt and I shall model our gacha prizes for you :D


I love everything I won! Now if only Froofy and I could win some capes and bat wings... Anne Rice would so approve!

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