Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calculation Nation

It's kind of like how that Jackson 5 song once went:

"I'm gonna teach you to sing it loud /let me show you what its all about
reading, writing, arithmetic / all the branches on the learning tree your education ain't complete /T-t-t-teachers gonna show you / How to get an A"

So, Picos, how do we get that honoured A Michael Jackson sang of? Simply by traveling to the "Flea Market" to pick up a tee or two. That or you can even take a nice stroll to the Calculation Park.


Another way of winning your way to the first letter of your name is again, our beloved Gacha. Once again he finds another rhyme or reason to weave his generous love and whimsical wit into our hearts.

With luck one spin of regular Gacha you can randomly win the other letters of the alphabet.

The streets and parks are amassed by young good looking boys and girls all in their lucky numbers. Take Gem Rock and Peggy, for example:

These shirts are said to be limited, and sell at a merely 200gummies a pop. So remember to get them while they're hot!

If you're not convinced, check out some of my favourite street style shots taken just today.


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