Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jenneh The Ultimate Pet Lover.

Animal Inc.

This is Jenneh's room. When you warp in the first thing you will notice is the crazy amount of pet food she is storing but Jenneh has no pets... So what's up with all the pet food?!

Her room greeting:

:D Welcome.
This is Jenneh <3 Animal INC.
Leave me a message about the animal food you left.

Animal Inc.

Pure Genius! This Pico has found a way for loving pet owners and dead beat pet owners to come together for the well-being of all pets. It's kind of a symbiotic relationship that benefits well... er. just the dead beat pet owners, I bet the pet owners who donate feel good though! All the food you see in the above photo has been donated, Jenneh merely stores and distributes the food to hungry pets that stop by. Either way, I think she is doing a huge service for the Pico Community, may no pet go unfed as long as Jenneh is around.

So if you ever see a starving pet at the Park Pond or you can't afford to feed your own pet... stop by Jenneh's room. There should be some food for your pet there just remember when you've restocked your own supply to be so kind as to donate some for the next starving pet. Don't use this as your own personal pantry! If you can't feed your pet you shouldn't have one.

Thanks Jenneh! You ROCK <3

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