Saturday, August 28, 2010

In search of pandas

Written by Ayuhime

Hullo~ It's Ayuhime.

Last night I had a dream that I found a PINK panda at the Pet Farm! Yeah I'm a loser an addict and dream about Pico, but those Pink Pandas sure are cute :3

So, tra la la, I log onto Pico and make my way over onto the Pet Farms... only to realize that coming across a panda is going to take time, not to mention a PINK one... URGH!

My life for the next few weeks @_@

No offense dog, cat and turtle, but you're just not a pink panda.

 So now I'm trying to get into the inner workings of Pico here ... because there's got to be some sort of formula involved for when pandas arrive and what color they will be. I notice most of the colored pandas are with Japanese players, so do they appear mostly during Japanese daytime? Somebody's gotta know something, do if you so, SPILL THE BEANS! Do I park my butt on a bench and wait? Do I jump from farm to farm hoping to spot one? Agh the frustration! I'll keep you updated on my (possibly never-ending) search for a Pink Panda.

PS: lulz

Ayuhime xoxoxo


  1. i guess im a loser 2 then. lol last night i dreamed there were buildings under pico

  2. I've always wanted a pink panda too! *o*
    By the way, could you please look at my blog, Pop Pico? Thanks!

  3. Wishing you good luck ;)
    Hey Ayu yu! ;)