Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peggy and James.


Gemmy's favorite pup is definitely Mignon and lately I find myself falling more and more in love with my baby Boston Terrier, James. Maybe it's because ever since I've been on Pico I've had my heart set on owning one and after faithfully waiting for more than several months... I was able to purchase James <3 She is the sweetest epileptic doggy around!

There's something special about James, she does something that I never notice George or Zeus ever doing. She snuggles me! I have noticed on several occasions after returning from being AFK that my idle Pico is snuggling James on the floor. This has happened more than 10 times and Pico/Pigg pet owners know that if you're standing or sitting on the floor and you click a pet action, your pet will just come over and perform that action.

So why does this happen? Maybe it's true love!

James James

Does this happen to you? I'd like to think I'm special but lemme know!


  1. Is one of James' pet traits "obedient"? Me and my friend each have an obedient pet and they seem to like sitting on our Pico's laps whenever we go idle and fall asleep~ My other pet is Friendly-Geek... and he doesn't do it half as much...

  2. Nope. James is a pampered wanderer <3 I'm actually happy to hear that there are other dogs like this! It means that Ameba attempted to actually give these pups the characteristics that is listed in their profiles!