Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Written by Ayuhime

Hi Picozoids!
This is Ayuhime~ xoxo
This is my first blog as a guest writer for picostyle. Please welcome me :)!

This entry is going to be a little long, so I'll get to the point.
Here's a fun little tutorial anyone can pull off and it really grabs attention.
It will remove your torso. BAHAHA!

Step 1: Get in a comfy spot for your first try. After that, you can do this anywhere.

* I can't tell you the googly eye secret, but it's pretty easy to figure out ;)
Step 2: SIDDOWN!

Type /sit to sit your butt down.

Don't forget the darn slash /
Step 3A: Open your pocket and take out a FOOD item. It's very important that you choose food, because choosing a DRINK item warrants a different result (I'll explain later in Step 3B),
Step 4: This step requires a fast hand, so pay attention! First, type /stand into your chat bar, but DO NOT hit talk just yet. Start eating your food first, then hit TALK before your Pico has finished eating. Your Pico will stand in the middle of eating, resulting in this →

Step 3B: If you choose a DRINK item during this step instead, the instructions don't change. The only thing that will change is the result, which is this →

Gorgeous. I even have my hand growing out of my face now.
Aren't glitches fun? :D

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