Sunday, August 22, 2010

Profiles #13

Peggy and I are back from break ... and back to Profiles.

We would be remiss if we didn't turn today's Profiles over to our loyal readers who (according to Peggy) have been sending her messages asking for Profiles since we went on vacation.

With some comments from Peggy and I, here are images and captions submitted by your Pico peers!

(1) Profile image submitted by an anonymous reader

Peggy and I have questions:
  1. Is your paralytic "power" only effective on men?
  2. Wouldn't it be more worthwhile to hypnotize women to fall in love with you?
  3. Can we see a demonstration of how your eyes cause gonad paralysis?
Peggy thinks your profile should say "Look at my balls", but that would require you to go around without pants ... but that's not possible in Pico.
Profiles #13

(2) Submitted by butthead ☆
Is he kinda coward or what? I don't get it what it means with 'buddy n go'. Uhmm ... or it means people better not be his best friend. I really don't get it.

Peggy and Catero say: Since English is not his first language and he admittedly cannot speak it well, who knows what he was trying to tell us with his choice of name. Only Google Translate knows.

(3) Submitted by Bow-
I hate it when people release languages unnecessarily.

Peggy and Catero say: You know, we have no idea what "release English" or the "scenery of Pari" are. *types it into a wiki*

candy☆ and Bow- seem to have an understanding of one another that we are totally ignorant of.

Can someone decipher for us?

(4) Profile image submitted by ~*Peachie*~

Ladies and gentlemen, Picostyle is proud to introduce you to the future president of the Greeting Card Writers of America Guild.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us  at with:
  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)
If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

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