Monday, August 30, 2010

Pico Cribs #15

Pico Cribs
Pinkerton's Room.

Hey guys! Peggy here, bringing you another edition of Pico Cribs! This one is rather special to me ... because I'm featuring my friend Pinkerton's room. My battle partner (Kung Fu moves, dance offs... you name it! It's onnnnn!!!!) knows interior design and fusses over his room like it's his first born child. I remember his early days when I'd catch him scoping out Mortie's room. Always quiet, never invasive.

Pico Cribs
Pico Cribs

Pinkers, as I sometimes affectionately call him has designed an outdoor playground, campfire included for you to visit when you have a chance. If I was one of the Pico judges for the Room Photo Contest Vol.2! Pinky would definitely be a contender if not winner :P Check out his pad, bring friends! There's definitely enough room since he saved like crazy so he could upgrade. This kiddo is kawaii and totally a slave to interior design. Reap the rewards of his blood and sweat guys... check out his room!


I'd also like to welcome Pinkerton as our newest guest blogger <3 totally excited to see what he comes with!

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