Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1: Allieeee & Etsuo♥.

Just like how I have Catero and Gem Rock... Allieeee and Etsuo have each other. This hyperactive duo never fails to make me laugh and smile at their witty banter. Not only are they comic geniuses they also have a knack for styling! So this week I'm happy to feature them and their remix outfits on Picostyle!


Allieeee & Etsuo
Me, Allieeee & Etsuo.

Newsboy Cap/pk - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
UK Traditional Glasses - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pastel Color Scarf/or - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Useful Simple Vest/br - 600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pompon Border Dress/gr-bk - 700 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Black Beard's Pirate Uniform Bottoms/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Border Leggings/bk - 800 Gummies - Shop Catalogue
Time Machine - 1 Token

Newsboy Cap/sb - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Oval-shaped Sunglasses/bl - 50 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Shop Catalogue
Gothic Lolita Bow Box Handbag/bk - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Downtown NY (Vivienne's Shop)
Warm and Stylish Hoodie/wh - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Cute Checkered Gingham Camisole/bl - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Flea Market (Mary's Fashion)
Skirt/wh - Default Inventory
Suede Boots/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)

Note: The Newsboy Cap colors shown here are no longer available. I've notice that RO80 vendor randomly updates a few items in new colors every once in awhile. This has its pros and cons... I mean it's always great to get the items you love in new colors but it also means that older colors become discontinued. My suggestion is if you like that item in the color available... snatch it up before it's too late!

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