Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Beastie Boys Would Be Proud.

Gym Wear. Gym Wear.

Gem Rock and I are shopping maniacs, me more so than her. When I heard about the new sportswear available at the High School Gym I grabbed Gem and we were off to get our sports gear on and shoot a few hoops! Coach McCallister was so proud, fitness is important! These Academy Jersey jackets and pants are uber cute and easy to style. We both bought a whole set but if you're not into being matchy-matchy just buy the top or bottom. Pico is blowing up with new releases! Have you been to the Asakusa - Japan Area and World Community Parks?


I love the Japanese Chayagai themed tea rooms! They're wonderfully decorated and surprisingly, those who visit the themed rooms actually are interested in discussing the topics listed (at least that was the case the few times I've visited)! Everywhere you go, you'll be noticing the new Japanese goodies. Pico residents are enjoying showing off their kimonos as well as decorating their rooms with the pretty Japanese wallpapers and feeding their friends the yummy Japanese food. If you have a Facebook you can even win Japanese outfits and furniture by participating in the Asakusa Mystery Box Campaign.


I've been pretty excited about the changes being made in Pico. It's good to know that Ameba is actively upgrading Pico so that the residents here have just as much to do and buy as those in Pigg. I'm logging less and less into Pigg because of the improvements being made in Pico are super stellar.