Monday, May 31, 2010

Pico Cribs #9

Pico Cribs' Room UPDATE!

I love checking up on my favorite interior designers. Among my top pics are itoyarn and JUON... these two are quirky and continue to impress and dazzle me with their creativity. You can always expect itoyarn to come up with something that shows off her green thumb. The little pond in her room is stellar with it's border that resemble logs. JUON is still on her haunted room kick and it amuses me how she is able to work herself in so nicely with her decor. JUON, do you ever leave your room? :P

itoyarn's room:

JUON's room:

These two new rooms appeals to my funky side. The song Happy Shiny People comes to mind when I enter their rooms. I wished I could have gotten a name for the room with the airplane (below, left)! The clouds and the puffs of smoke stairs are the perfect finishing touches. sweetie2's room made me so hungry I went out and bought a burger! I want to try to make my own burger block display as well (below right).

Pico Cribs. sweetie2

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