Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jesus And His Fan Girls.

The Jesus*' Room
It's awesome that I can say that Jesus* is my friend. Yeah, that's right I know Pico Jesus... in fact I think I know four Pico Jesuses but that's besides the point. THIS Jesus* has a mad amount fan girls! A few nights ago when Jesus* logged on I went to his room to ring and prop him like a good friend would and in a matter of seconds his room was packed. The devoted followers of Jesus* (mostly girls) love to visit with him in his room where he stands on his stage and fields questions. He'll cure the sick, feed the hungry and help explain to you who Happy Oliver is. Jesus* will totally be your pal.

How-to: Logging into 2 Pico accounts at one time
In other news, a lot of people have been asking me how I am able to log onto Peggy's and Mortie's accounts at the same time. It's really easy!

After you've created your two Pico accounts what you have to do is just open two different internet browsers (ie: internet explorer/mozilla firefox/opera/etc.)... from there just open up the Pico login page ( and log into your two accounts. It's a bit tedious to play on two different accounts at the same time but I'm typically just trying to max out both of my Pico's at the same time. If you happen to run into Mortie or Peggy and I'm not responding to your hellos it's most likely because I'm actually playing on the other browser. That's the only drawback... otherwise I say make as many Pico characters as you like! Sometimes it's fun to have more than one persona <3

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