Monday, May 24, 2010

Work It, Girls!

My girls Gem Rock, -Nayana- and I thought it would be fun to chronicle a week's worth of fashion for kicks. We're all slightly mad about shopping (okay, I'm really a mad about it) so it's always fun to see what each other has come up with whenever we see one another. It's also kind of a wallet-buster since we end up wanting each others' outfits :X Here's our first looks!



From left to right:

Gem Rock
Elegant Monotone Hat - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Detective Shades/bk - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Catalogue Order
Useful Simple Vest/bk - 600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Sexy Metallic Dress/bk - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Downtown NYC (Rinarina)
Trendy High-heeled Gladiator/bk - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza

Layered Camisole Dress/pr - 1,400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Heart Printed Skirt with Suspenders/yw - 1,000 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Ribbon Knit Beret/pr - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Default Flats/yw - Free

Peggy Hill
Ao Oni Mask - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Nakamise St.
Ribbon Bow Headband/bl - 100 Gummies - Gacha Item (given at random)
Academy Jersey Jacket/gr - 900 Gummies - High School Gym
Academy Jersey Pants/gr - 700 Gummies - High School Gym
Colorful Sneakers/bl - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Haircut & Dye Job - 300 Gummies (face lift is optional)

It's funny that the word sexy is censored but they can name an item sexy metallic dress... just to tease us. Well the jokes on you Ameba! You forgot to censor the word sexual :X

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