Saturday, May 29, 2010

Showcase Your Room!

Mortie's room! (composite)Pico Room Photo Campaign Entry
Pico Name: Mortie

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I am so excited about the Pico Room Photo Campaign! If you have a cool room and you think it's prize worthy why not enter?

Mortie has been hard at work saving for blocks and creating his dream room and is going to enter! Check out his room.

Room Contest.
4th & 5th Floor: Garden Seating Area!

Room Contest.
2nd Floor: Bedroom & Study Area.
3rd Floor: Seating Area

Room Contest.
1st Floor: Kitchen & Laundry Room.

Mortie is definitely a slave to his room. You may see him in the Park Pond hustling for Gummies so he can buy more blocks. If you do... don't be shy! Say hello and you'll sure to be given a wave and a kiss hello! Oh! and please stop by his room to ring him and experience his room full force! It's was hard to capture it's essence in just these three snaps.

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