Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Week: Strolling in the Park

Catero Loves The Fresh Air 01

There are many things I love about Pico. Some of those things have already been mentioned by our resident and guest writers - like friends, fun, and photography.

One thing that really stands out in my mind these days is a particular World Community Park.

Catero Loves The Fresh Air 02

Though Peggy dragged me to Japanese Park on a few occasions, it never really clicked to me how unique these parks are. Maybe it was because I was multi-tasking and was distracted by other things.

BFF =D I didn’t truly take in the atmosphere of the parks until the turn of the New Year. I began spending more and more time in Japanese Parks; probably hanging out there 3 or 4 times a week.

Other parks are great, but there’s something unmistakable about the one created to attract Japanese-speakers.

In Japanese Parks ...
  • Native Japanese speakers put "Sorry, I don't speak English" (or some other variation) in their profiles as a courtesy message. How polite!
  • There is usually a generous Pico who will graciously share their yummy foods - regardless of whether they speak your language or not. So hospitable!
  • You barely have to enter the room before you start receiving props. I can feel the love!
  • Many of the people who prop you will then ring your room. It's amazing!

How great it that?!

Two Cuties ;)Of course, I could not forget the social factor. I often bump into people I know there. I see Happy Clover, that devilishly handsome dude, there all the time ... but he's usually AFK. What a tease. I have also come across Peggy there, and @nom2, chikemuri, Cholo, Gem Rock, Pinkerton, Rayna Skye, sweet_mom, ten.ten. and others. Come to think of it, why haven't I seen Ayuhime there yet? It's always nice to bump into someone you know.

I may even end up talking to new people and making a new friend. Fortunately, I've met some really cool people in Japanese Park too, including [aNm]*Shamps™ and Rex_A who I recently wrote about.

Sometimes, after I have gone on a hunting expedition for Profiles I will see someone that we featured (and poked a little fun at) in a Japanese Park! Always at a Japanese Park. Then, I "fan" them; I run up to them and say "OMG! I saw you on a blog!". It's a good conversation starter. That's how I met the funky fresh <MissLindaK>, the jovial aleちゃん and the genteel MissSovereign. All of them were very good sports when I teased them about their quirky profiles.

Of course, naughty Picos do visit Japanese Parks. But people just seems to ignore them. 'Aint it grand?

The Kiss

The bottom line is ... I love the atmosphere of these Parks. Thank you to those who hang around and keep this good natured spirit going.

There's fun to be had at Japanese Parks. Why not visit? Bring a friend. I'm sure you'll love it.

Photo Credits: Photographers - Catero (#1, #2), sweet_mom (#3, #4, #5)

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  1. Maybe I will see you there soon, Ayu. :-)

  2. I feel exactly the same way about the parks! What I love about the Japanese park is the ability for me to go there and check out all the newest co-ordinations!

    If I'm not sure how something will look on my pico or wondering if I should really get that item, you'll find me in the Japanese park scouting outfits hahaha!

    Very nice post! Thank You for sharing!

  3. I love Japanese Park as well.
    People there is very kind and fresh
    I love to share moments there, it is my favorite place in Pico :)
    In that place I met a lot of ppl too!
    including all of you guys ww
    it's pretty cool ^^

    oh thanks for link my journal to your blog
    I'm so glad :D
    I didn't notice till now xD

    well nice to read you Cat

    see ya !