Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Week: A reminder to send us your Love Notes today

This is a friendly reminder to send in your Love Notes.

February is undoubtedly a month of love, thanks to St. Valentine. Leading up to Monday's Valentine's Day celebration the team here at Picostyle, along with guest writers, have been sharing what they love the most about their lives in Pico.

Would you like to participate and write what you love most about Pico too? Let us know. We want to hear from our faithful readers.

Send us a short description* (250 word maximum) and a photo that illustrates what you love the most about your Pico life and we'll post all of the Love Notes we receive at the close of our Love Week festivities - giving you full credit as writer and photographer, of course.

Send your Love Notes with your Pico ID (name) to by today at 11:59PM PST to be included in the end of the week round-up.

* Submissions may be edited for content.

Happy Valentine sign
Pictured: Left-to-right: akosiDIONY, Unknown Girl, and akosi.DIONY