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That picture pretty much sums up my feelings regarding the latest update to hit Pico. Last night I was speculating what the maintenance could possibly be for. Between the higher-ups at Pico finally taking our suggestions and the Halloween decorations finally being taken down, my mind was running wild as to what they had in store for us next. Would there be more fall clothing? More fall decorations for our rooms? Maybe some Thanksgiving-inspired objects for the upcoming holiday? Fishing? Adoptable PENGUINS?! Yes, Pigg now has adoptable penguins. I went to sleep with these thoughts in my mind. However, when I awoke...

animal print update

I was greeted by that message. My hopes and dreams were shattered. Could this possibly be true? Was I still dreaming? No, no... this was all too real. I was already smelling the burning torches of angry P.E.T.A (Picos for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members marching in unison to protest this update. But, anyways, if you are interested in these items there are two different ways to go about getting them:

1. Daily Gacha

animal print

There are a handful of animal pattern decorations to win, as well as a rare cow plush. I couldn't help myself but at least try to win some items out of curiosity. In the process, I won a Zebra Print Comfy Rug, Soft Dalmatian Print Cushion, Giraffe Print Tissue Box and a token. So, hey, at least I won a token!

2. Rinarina's Shop

NYC shop

She asked me if I could "feel the vibe of the city." The only thing I could feel was my heart breaking with what I was about to do next.

Rinarina shop

Woman's (includes what is shown here, as well as everything the men have):
animal print woman

Now, because some of you may be curious as to what these items look like when being worn (or maybe you just needed a good laugh), I decided to throw away my dignity and try the clothing on via the preview function. What you are about to see may shock you:

animal print clothing 1animal print clothing 2animal print clothing 3
animal print clothing 4animal print clothing 5animal print clothing 6
animal print clothing 7animal print clothing 8animal print clothing 9
animal print clothing 10animal print clothing 11animal print clothing 12

Still there? Okay, good. Hopefully I will never have to model like that again. Before I go, today's update reminded me of a scathing yet hilarious update that Catero made nearly 6 months ago. Click here to read it.

"Funkadelic animal prints are an abomination against God's law." Amen.

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