Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks Revisited


One of my favorite things to do on Pico has always been something simple: perusing through rooms and getting a glimpse at just how creative people really are. Because of this fascination, I eventually ended up doing a spin-off of sorts to Peggy's famous "Pico Cribs" called "Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks." The way things worked out, though, only made it possible for me to produce a mere 3 installments of that segment...

manly tears

Now, it's no secret that PicoStyle is nearing its end in just a few weeks. This fact has prompted me to begin thinking about all the great times I've had on here and, more to the point, all the fantastic rooms I've come across while writing for the blog. Because of this, it inspired me to revisit a handful of the rooms I've already featured on this very blog. So, while there are plenty of eye-catching 'cribs' out there in Pico Land, this is to simply show how much some of them have changed over the past few months. Hope you enjoy it!

Nek... er, I mean... Happy Clover has always been one of the biggest supporters of PicoStyle. As such, I believe it's only right to let him go first. The previous image was taken during Halloween (surprise, surprise!). Since then, Clover has either stumbled upon a suitcase filled with money or married into a very wealthy family.

pico - happy clover 2

Look at all that gold! It's almost blinding, so be sure to put on a pair of sunglasses before visiting. He even has a 2nd room now:

pico - happy clover 2 - 2

An entire vault dedicated to guarding... things that are already hidden inside a box?! Whatever they may be, I'm not quite sure if I'm brave enough to find out.

See more after the break.

Yet another room that was chosen during my Halloween edition of Pico Cribs, it may also be the one that has changed the most.

pico - m 2

Not only has the previously grim feel of the room been turned completely on its side, but the owner has since added 2 more rooms to satisfy your sweet tooth.

pico - m 2 - 2
pico - m 2 - 3

Ah, peach bi bo. Always one to keep things minimalistic. In a good way, though. As you'll see in the next image, peach has expanded her room!

pico - peach 2

It's still covered in snow, but now there is a house to shelter your pets... or the vertically challenged. You know, short people. There's also a warm tub at the entrance to help keep you warm.

Risader Baloo's Alice in Wonderland room always amazed me. I loved the fact that about 98% of it was created using nothing but blocks. Due to her ingenuity, it lead to her winning 2 room contests. Well, until she won yet again for this during the Christmas room contest:

pico - risader 2

sante II seems to have traded the caricature of this famous Batman villain...

... to create his own tree fort of sorts.

pico - chez 2

At least he's still putting that overabundance of wooden tables and chairs to good use. If you were one of the few who couldn't win them when they were out, I think you know who to blame! Oh, he also has a new room for those who feel the need to walk like an Egyptian.

pico - chez 2 - 2

Well, that's it for now! If you'd like to see the previous installments of "Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks" in their entirety, just check out the links below.

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  1. Aww, this is a very nice post. I'm sad that Picostyle is ending, but at least it'll go out with a bang. It's nice to see how creative some Picoers can get.