Monday, December 6, 2010

Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks #3

peggy and pinky

Have you been wondering "where in the world is Peggy Hill?!" If so, you probably aren't alone. When she's not cheating on Pico with Pigg, she's busy with work and a handful of other things. She has places to go. Things to do. Pie to eat. Because of her hectic schedule, she gave me the honor of doing a Pico Cribs update for today. Now, I know the title says "Pinkerton's Picks," but on behalf of Peggy I am going to start with a room that she stumbled upon. And what a room it is!

PC 3 - 13 1st room

Room Owner: 13 -

Once you enter this room, you'll feel as if you've been transported to an actual winter wonderland. There's snowflakes in the air, benches to sit on while admiring the freshly fallen snow, and even a little cabin to keep our Picos warm. Oh, yeah... not to mention a giant tree! It's as if I can really smell the pine needles just by looking at it. Actually, that might be my pine-scented candle that I'm smelling, but you get the idea.

PC 3 - 13 2nd room

This is the 2nd room, which is just as nice as the first. I'm guessing that's some sort of ice castle in the corner, but I'll let you decide for yourself. Also, I like the fact that the giant gift box is placed directly at the entrance so that you end up being the present. Make sure you bundle up before heading on over to see these two rooms for yourself!

PC 3 - peach bi bo 2

Room Owner: peach bi bo

Staying on the theme of winter for a moment, this room will kick off my picks for the week. Completely the opposite of the room above, this one is nice and simple... and you know how I'm a fan of simplicity when it's done right. I've always enjoyed peach's room for what it is, but now that some snow has fallen I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about it. I've come across a lot of trees on Pico, but very few have been as much fun as this one. Why, you ask?

PC 3 - peach bi bo 4
PC 3 - peach bi bo 3
PC 3 - peach bi bo

That's why. If you decide to travel there now, though, you will notice the tree has transformed!

PC 3 - peach bi bo 5

I can't wait to see what other tree variations peach has in store for us down the road. And yes, I just used the term "tree variations." Never thought I would.

PC 3 - pizza 3

Room Owner: Sanji サンジ

Hungry? If not, there's a slight chance you might be after seeing this room. Sanji サンジ has decided to satiate every Pico's appetite by creating a gigantic pizza. As the room description used to describe it, and as you can probably see, this has 3 different types of cheese... so much that it started dripping off the pizza and onto the floor. Mmmm, floor cheese.

PC 3 - pizza

Usually I like keeping pizza to myself, but this is one you'll want to share. Trust me.

PC 3 - pizza 2

... well, for the most part. Chike and I still battled over who would get the crust. The room description now states that there will be a "new dish every month," so make sure you head on over to get your share of the pizza before it's gone!

PC 3 - pirate 2

Room Owner: ☆~Ruby Moon~☆

Fan of pirates? Fan of ships? Fan of seeing how creative people can be by using blocks? If you said "yes" to any of those, I highly suggest putting on your best pirate gear and sailing on over to this room.

PC 3 - pirate

Yeah, the official Pico ship docked over in the Caribbean Seaport only wishes it was nearly as awesome as this one.

PC 3 - pirate 3

There's even a miniature ship (pictured above) where you can make the best pirate entrance since Captain Jack Sparrow sailed into Port Royal.


  1. Haha, thanks so much for featuring my room!
    I'll be sure to experiment with different 'tree variations' for the future!

  2. peach bi bo is always super nice and friendly when I see her in Pico.

    Thanks for filling in for Peggy, Pinky. As I type this she is out on a "hot date". ;-) Bang up job.

  3. (post for writer)
    i happy see that xDDD she told me to say thanksyou to u~ she very glad :3
    (i think it hard to take a good foto if 3panda in her room keep /hungry xD)

  4. lol the pirate ship looks kinda like the dawn treader (from narnia)

    -Ms. Pink

  5. thanks so much ^____^