Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks

Most of you are probably used to seeing Peggy or Gem write the Pico Cribs updates, but I (Pinkerton) have free reign of it for today. As such, I'm going to showcase a handful of some great rooms that I've come across recently. Not just any rooms, though. Oh, no. The rooms I've chosen this time around have a common theme: Halloween. Since the holiday is now only a couple days away, I suggest you visit these rooms and enjoy the Halloween decor while you can. Oh, and if you haven't seen my Halloween edition of Celebrity Sightings yet, what are you waiting for?!

Before we go on, take a moment and say the title of this update out loud 5 times fast. Done? Don't be embarrassed, because I couldn't do it either.

PC - halloween 1

Room Owner: Happy Clover
Room Name: Happy Clover World

This first room is nice because it's simple. It might not have a ton of Halloween decorations, but it has just enough to get you in the Halloween spirit. If you are lucky, the owner will be there to greet you and serve some food from behind the counter... or maybe even pick you some fresh fruit from the two trees in the room. What? The owner looks like who? Hmm, I don't see it. I think he's missing something...

PC - halloween 2

Room Owner: Tiά™
Room Name: Tia's Halloween Room.

As with the previous room, sometimes simple is a good thing. To me, this is definitely simplicity at it's best. Just the right amount of balance between the decorations and the space she has to work with. I suggest you visit this room at night, though. Why?

PC - halloween 7

That's when the ghosts come out. Yes, they are derpy, but a cute kind of derpy nonetheless.

PC - halloween 4

Room Owner: sante Ⅱ
Room Name: chez SANTE

Now, there's one major reason why I chose to showcase this room. Any fan of comics and comic-related movies may be able to see why. Just in case, though, let me point it out:

WHY SO SERIOUS? Yes, this is going to bring out my inner-geek, but that was the very first thought that came to mind when I saw sante Ⅱ's creation in the center of the room. Anything related to Batman is great in my book, and... well... it's just a nice Halloween room in general!

PC - Halloween 8

Room Owner: ☆Mint☆
Room Name: Sleepy Hallow.

Despite having a name that makes me wish I had more of that delicious mint ice cream I finished a couple hours ago, the owner has one fantastic Halloween-themed room. When you enter, you are greeted by a... erm, something I can only assume wants to devour my soul and digest it to make evil baby demon spawns. Once you look past that, though, you'll see many neat things: a 'restaurant' area, a section for entertainment purposes (I'm talking about the TV, get your mind out of the gutter), and even a mini graveyard.

PC - halloween 5

If you don't have a mini graveyard in your house, you aren't living. Or dead, like the joke I just made.

PC - halloween 6

Room Owner: ★COCO★
Room Name: ☆COCO☆ の部屋

You wanted cute, you got it. This room nearly put me into a sugar coma from the sweetness, but in a good way. If the overall color scheme doesn't do it for you, the candy wrappers made out of blocks surely will.

PC - halloween 3

Room Owner: vault
Room Name: Hotel california :D

This room is perfect for one thing: dancing. Get up on stage, release your inhibitions and let loose. This sets up perfectly for a video I am about to post. See? There is a method to my madness after all. There are certain songs that make you want to get up and groove to the beat. There are certain songs which go perfect with particular holidays. This one, though, has both of those qualities. Why? 'Cause this is...

THRILLER. THRILLER NIGHT. Go ahead, watch the entire video once or twice (or, you know, ten times). It's a classic for this time of year, so I simply couldn't end my article without posting it. Since I probably wont be posting again until next Thursday, I want to wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Halloween. Remember, there's no such thing as "too much candy."

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