Thursday, March 10, 2011

Profiles #31

Here is my selection of profiles I've stumbled upon during my days in Pico. These have no theme, of course, other than "Hey that's interesting [print screen]".
Hope you like them.

(1) Ha! Nicely said, Ms. Okana. No one likes "two-faced" people, especially mutants O_O. That's just creepy. Just don't get yourself arrested for doing such a thing, okay?

(2) Ohh, so philisophical! I like your style, man. I pondered this statement for many many days after I saw it. And it certainly is true, Lil Kwoom, because no matter what you say, they still won't like you.

(3) Oh ho ho, I remember in middle school that is was the coolest thing to doodle on your hands. Write your name, your friends' names, draw inappropriate pictures... But we got in trouble for that, you know! The teachers would make us wash our hands and arms because they were afraid we'd get ink poisoning. Well, I did TONS of doodling on my hands and I'm still alive! So keep doing your thing ChiSneakyVodka

(4) It is completely irrelevant what this person has written in their profile. HE'S THE PRINGLES MAN! THE PRINGLES- FREAKING -MAN! Maybe we should do a celebrity sightings on him? I dono, I took this screenshot back in September, as you can see. LOL

Lots of love,

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  1. Hey umm look up loler88 everyones waiting in her room