Thursday, October 21, 2010

I read the news today, oh boy...


Greetings, everyone. Pinkerton here on this cold (but sunny!) Thursday. My reference to The Beatles aside, there's a ton of Pico news to talk about. Instead of rambling on and on as per usual for me, I'm going to get right down to business. Oh, and by the way... keep a lookout for the return of my Celebrity Sightings feature later tonight. I know it's been a long time since I've updated with that, so hopefully you wont be disappointed.

The first order of business we have to talk about today:

Devilish Halloween Gacha 2

A new premium gacha! Just when you thought Pico had enough things to take money away from us, they come out with yet another. The theme this time around is "Devilish Halloween Gacha." For a list of some items you can win from it, check out the official Pico blog. If you are feeling lucky and still have a bunch of gold stashed away, you can play it by visiting NYC Downtown.

NYC halloween
Devilish Halloween Gacha

Speaking of gold... Pico is finally having another promotion for those who buy it starting today and ending October 27th.


As it says, if you purchase a total of 500 AG or more, you will get this neat limited item to wear on your head. Well, what are you waiting for? Get those credit cards out and charge, charge, charge!

The next piece of news to talk about deals with the recent "Favorites" function that was implemented last week. There's now a Top 30 list consisting of the most 'popular' rooms (although I use the term 'popular' very loosely here).

Basically, this shows the rooms which have the most favorites. Not technically the best rooms, obviously, since that's a matter of different opinion.

Like I said in my last update, I want to thank everyone who has been adding my room to their "Favorites" list. And, who knows, maybe if I get enough (enough being about 100 more!) I'll see my room in the Top 30 list. Time will only tell, though.

Here's something that either has the potential of being somewhat useful or the potential of being annoying:

new popup

I noticed that there are now these sorts of 'pop-ups' that randomly appear as you are playing. This one was informing me to go play at the casino, but a few minutes before that I received one telling me to "visit your online buddies!" ...or something to that extent. As long as these pop-ups don't get too comfortable with telling me what to do, I'll be fine.

And the last bit of news for now is something that was actually added a few days ago.

little ghost

The daily gacha has been stocked with a brand new item for the 3rd week of October! This time around it's the Little Friendly Hand Hold Ghost (left hand). Yes, all of you lefties finally get your chance to strut your stuff. There hasn't been an occasion like this for left-handed people to celebrate since Flanders opened the Leftorium.

Make sure you win it by next Sunday, though, otherwise your chance to hold this ghost will be busted. Get it? I figured you would.

Halloween Gacha - ghost

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