Friday, September 3, 2010

Profiles #15

(1) Dear Little Miss Macabre: we totally get that you like your meat fresh. I mean, Korean BBQ exists for a reason, right? Two-day old leftovers just don't cut it flavor-wise.

We have a challenge for you. We want to see a live demonstration of you eating someone's young. Preferably Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber or Christina Aguilera. They're all someobody's "young", after all. (Hope you don't choke on the plastic bits and hair weave.)
Profiles #15

(2) Jose, we thought that Christians were all about love and prayer and pinching baby Jesus' cheeks. Yet your profile is just filled with hate this, hate that. Where is the love?!  Loosen up, man! Of course, vampire roleplay in Pico is ridonkulous ... but it takes a special person to pull of the pouty lips that you call "duck face". We propose that you prove your anti-duck face stance by going mano-e-mano in a no holds barred cage match with "Little Miss Macabre" above.

(3) Thinking back to candy☆ and her reference to the "scenery of pari" in Profiles #13 ... we think we have finally found who/what dear candy☆ was talking about. But we're kind of confused about her appeal.

And which is it? Pary or pari?

Peggy demands to know!

(4) If it looks like a girl, walks like a girl and talks about its beating balls it may be a boy? A boy in girls clothing that is possibly Buddhist (from the use of a left-facing swastika/suastika) or a severely uninformed pro-Aryan advocate (but aren't they all?).

Either way we're curious how the pursuit of Nirvana or promoting ideas of a "master race" relate to calming your "beating balls".

It's Peggy's opinion that, all-in-all, this little Pico's look and profile are both a hot mess.

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  1. My god, that top Pico is mine. Gorgeous.

    Bring 'em on. However, they may taste a little off. That's what salt is for, I suppose.

  2. Send us photos and we'll post 'em!