Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Gummies Fashionist

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In the Pico world, it seems that some people are Gummies Fashionists and others are Ameba Gold Fashionists.

For us - Rica and Alexa - it's better to be a Gummies Fashionist  'cause we won't waste real money for our Picos. Some people think that when Picos wear clothing bought with Gummies (sometimes called "newbie" clothes by condescending people) it means that they are poor. The people with this attitude are what we call AG Elitists.

An AG Elitist is someone who always wears clothing purchased with AG and they think they are the best. Not everyone who wears AG clothing is an "elitist"; only those who put down players who don't. Only those who feel and act as though Gummies clothes - and the people who wear them - are worthless.

Gummies clothing is absolutely worth it! Even decor and foods.

Putting together outfits with Gummies fashion requires a lot of creativity. It takes imagination to create a set of clothes out of the simplicity of Gummies items.

How do you know if you are a Gummies Fashionist?
  • You prefer to wear items purchased with Gummies instead of AG clothes.
  • You take time an have great pride in creating fashionable styles with Gummies.
  • You're not not interested in wearing AG clothes.
Are all Gummies Fashionists poor? No, because they have to have a balance of money - earned money - to buy their Gummies items. If Gummies Fashionists were poor they'd be naked.

Don't be afraid or ashamed. You too can make your own sense of fashion sensibility by using clothing items bought with Gummies. While you're throwing together a look, don't forget to set a good example for your fellow Gummies Fashionists: don't be arrogant, be polite and treat others with fairness.

Not all "rich" Picos are bad to Gummies Fashionists. But many do act arrogant and put down others who aren't "rich". Sometimes we have seen this happen.

You can't judge a person by his or her clothing. Get to know the person behind the appearance.

What you wear isn't who you are. Your words and actions tell the kind of person you are.

If you ask us which is better - Gummies Fashionist or AG Fashionist - we would pick Gummies. We like it because we earn the money and don't any real cash. Not to mention Gummies fashion is colorful, challenging and fun.

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