Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Token gesture.

By now you've probably collected your 3 free Tokens and forgotten all about the 33 hours that Pico was down for unscheduled maintenance last week. If you didn't log in to grab 'em too late. The offer has expired.

I bet they're burning a hole in your pocket right now ... if you haven't spent them already.

Personally, I plan to hold on to my Tokens. Save 'em up for a later date when something I feel is truly Token-worthy comes along.

But what will you buy with your 3 Tokens? Have you decided yet?

Will it be something you wear, place in your room, or fill your pet's belly with?
Teddy bear balloons? Dance to the Beat action? Funny Clown Hat? Joke Star Party Glasses? Stage Cube? Night Club Floor? Puppy Ears? Eco Friendly Laundry Machine? Rice Steamer? Flower Cactus for Tortoise?
How will you let Ameba buy your love and silence back?

Comment on Facebook or here on the blog if you're willing to share.

(When I decide what to spend my dirty money on I very well may post about it.)

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