Monday, March 7, 2011

Get to know your bloggers: Pinkerton

Finally, the elusive and mysterious Pinkerton reveals himself! (Not in that way, c'mon!) 

Unfortunately, it comes at a time so close to the end of Picostyle, but it's not too late, right?
Please see earlier entries about Catero, Peggy, Gem Rock, and Ayuhime!

Oh hey!
Q: When did you start Pico? 
A: I started when it first opened up, which was around March 7th of 2010. Before that, I started playing Pigg in early 2009 with chikemuri.

What inspired your username? 
This seems to be the question I get asked the most on Pico. I chose the name "Pinkerton" because it's the title of one of my all-time favorite albums, which was created by the band Weezer. While I think that Weezer's quality in music has dropped rather significantly since the release of that album, they still have a few gems here & there... but Pinkerton (and The Blue Album, for that matter) will always remain their most important and influential albums to me.

Is your personality like your Pico? 
I'd say I'm actually more reserved in real life than I seem on Pico. Sometimes that side of me tends to show itself on Pico as well, but I always try to be as open as I can.

Favorite food? 
Wow, this is a tough question. I love many different kinds of food, and there's still plenty that I'd like to eventually try someday. Oriental food and seafood are definitely up there, though, and you can't deny the greatness of comforting homemade food such as macaroni & cheese or fresh soup!

What is your ethnicity?

And where in the world is Pinkerton?
US, over in the Northeast.


  1. Weezer love :D

    Im glad your more reserved irl, because whenever I see you in Pico youre dancing around XD but then so am I
    Im sure we would look weird if we did it out in the street... or perhaps just cool?

  2. you're more reserved in real life? wow. I never really talked to you though, remember when first I met you, you always moving around instead of answering hahaha... what a peculiar person