Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get to know your bloggers: Catero!

Don't you love Catero? Perhaps the most mysterious of the bloggy group, now we finally uncover some of his secrets! Plus, I totally love his new look! Very Nihonjin and very cute.

Q: When did you start Pico?
A: I started Pico in March of this year.

What inspired your username?
"Catero" has been my username for a while ... before I came to Pico.

Is your personality like your Pico?
Hm. I would say yes. Cranky, zany, dorky and a little bit brilliant (but not often).

Favorite food?
I have too many favourite foods to pick just one. I love Caribbean food, Mexican food, Ethiopian food, Chinese food (real Chinese food ... congee, hot pot and dim sum), North American food, Swedish food ... the list goes on. I will try just about anything once. No tripe, though. I'm not going there. But deep friend squid tentacles? Totally.

Are you a good role model for the kids?
No. I'm PG14+.

What is your ethnicity?
I'm Afro/Indo/Euro Caribbean.

And where in the world is Catero?
I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

(Unfortunately, Pinkerton was not able to reply in time for the posting of this blog. Hopefully we'll get to know all about him next week! :) )

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