Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pico Families: Good or Bad?

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Pico families wouldn’t bother me as much if they weren’t so exclusive and elitist. Why should a person have to change the way they look and act in order to gain entrance into their social network?

One of the longest known thriving Pico families is the Makino family who are very exclusive when it comes to new members and events.

I have had several run-ins with members of the Makino family ... and let’s just say we aren’t on good terms. Each Makino has the same characteristic same eyes and same ghostly white skin. Where did the individuality go? There are also knock-off "Makinos" who are known as the Makitsu family. The started off as knock-offs, but then became a side group of the Makinos.

Again, where is the individuality?

I have witnessed their ridiculous events where they allow you into the event and ask you if you would like to join, but then deny you admission. Why would you ask then, but then deny admission? Just for a laugh?

People are so desperate in order to gain entry into the Makino family that they will dress their Picos up with the preferred characteristics and pretend that they are one of the family.

As I said earlier the Makinos and I aren’t on good terms. I’ve had ups and downs with the family leaders because I told them that their elitist attitudes was rude. Can’t I voice my own opinion? Well, as soon as I said that 5 Makinos were down my throat insulting me and telling me that I was just jealous of their family. WHO CARES? That little dispute got me kicked many of the Makino room events; so I guess I’m well-known to them now.

A similar altercation happened with the Makitsus. I voiced my opinion and I ended being put out of most of their rooms.

I mentioned that the Makitus were a knock-off group that has now turned into a side-group of the Makinos. The Makitsus now exhibit the same elitist traits as the Makinos. These families do not support individuality and whatever their leader says goes. It's like they can't think for themselves ... but why is that? Has there been a little bit of brain washing?

These families walk around like they are better than everyone else when they really aren’t.

Not all Pico families are exclusive and elitist. For example the Bleue family does not bother me at all. Though I still think the idea of a "group" that demands conformity is wrong, the Bleues value respect and individuality. Members can think for themselves and act on their own.

On the flipside, I find the Cullen family to be utterly stupid because this is Ameba Pico not The Twilight Saga.

Apparently, Pico families are the new fad for Pico, but what about the people who aren’t allowed to gain entry this makes them feel bad and unwanted. People shouldn’t feel like this. People should understand that they can be an individual and they can think and act on their own.

Be an individual forever and always.

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  1. Very nice post! I completely agree with you. We should send them all to an island and make them drink the kool-aid. waitasecond....

    But seriously, this kind of social exclusion is very undesirable to me. Unfortunately, some people in life simply cannot function without being told what to do. They are called followers. They do not harbor personalities and only know what others tell them. What kind of life is that?

  2. Totally Romeo! Very nice post! @Ayu, that would probably be the best type of way of being rewarded, so your point has failed ;D

    And I agree with you! These "families" are much too secluded. They get orders from the 'main person', and yeah... a bit boring, right (and hurtful to others too!)?
    I Can't believe there's a Cullen family!!!!!>___> This is very sad, Twilightmania is getting a bit over board. :(
    xoxo, Ora chan

  3. I agree that it makes them feel unwanted when people in the family think their better and sometimes won't allow some people in the family..But i dislike this family thing, People have REAL life families...that's what i have to say.

  4. i think this post is kinda biased ~ you are not in good terms with them then post something somewhat more on negative side which is just your opinion. I dont have a pico group/family (just your average pico) but I still think picos shouldn't meddle with other picos' business~ esp when they don't meddle with your business too.. and we all know picostyle is a very famous blog and exposing the families in such negative way is just sad. well at least for me.

    It's not like those family causes very big trouble to ameba pico. and as for the individuality, I think maybe they might lack some and joining a fam/group that is strict is just fine with them

    This is just my opinion also <3 ~

  5. ...Actually I have my Own family but few members I don't want my family to become "OVERLOADED FAMILY" Makitsu family is "OVERLOADED" and when I was Ayano Makitsu's room(leader of the Makitsu family) she kick me out of her room WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT GIRL I keep on thinking that I'm just gonna have party with my friends then suddenly...Ayano kick me out I think this family is EVIL AND SHOW OFF that's why I kep on telling my family members not to join if one of them joined this family they are considered evil!!!

  6. I have family in pico, not too bad at all but I think Makino and Makitsu Family is really annoying family dude, the leader always kick me and Romero everytime we try enter their room and Makino family always think they are cutest pico and I think It's really annoying. Asami and Kurogane Family is the best :3

  7. Agree with the Post & Comments.
    Me too, have been kicked out of Ayano Makitsus House, in fact, I've become a known enemy to them.
    They keep telling everyone that their the best & richest family in pico, which I think is really boastful.
    I've been in 2 Families before, Makitsu & Hayashi.
    Makitsu made me feel left and because well, theres too many people, agree?
    Hayashi, its a small family, but it is broken up now.
    Not all Makitsus are bad though, but we all can agree that Ayano Makitsu is a mean jerk.

  8. ayano makitsu dun let ppl come in bcuz she's hacked.and btw very nicce post :D

  9. hi-5 angeladomo i feel the same way =( so sad to be rejected n the events will always stay in my mind forever o.O

  10. The Cullen family on pico was just them acting as a cast for a video -.- they don't still look like that. They were just pretending, for Nayumi Étoiles twilight trailer video [for fun] so... You shou
    D get your facts straight. .-.

  11. @Genna, Rom-eo is entitled to his opinion, just as you are entitled to yours.